The Shoes Men Don’t Like On Women

Ladies Shoes

According to a new survey, “wedges” are the type of shoes that men like to see women wearing the least. did the survey. They also found that 78% said they actually pay attention to what the girlfriends or wives wear on their feet. 12% said they only noticed sometimes.

The Footwear That Men Like Least On Women:

1.  Wedges (71%)

2.  Uggs  (67%)

3.  Crocs (63%)

4.  Platforms (58%)

5.  Flip flops (55%)

6.  Moccasins (49%)

7.  Mary Janes (42%)

8.  Ballet shoes (37%)

9.  Kitten heels (34%)

10.  Runners / Sneakers (25%)



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