This Kijiji Ad Has Gone Viral

Broken iPhone

An ad for a broken iPhone on Kijiji has gone viral, even though Kijiji has removed the ad for violating it’s terms of use. In the ad, an ex-boyfriend calls out his cheating ex-girlfriend. Here it is: 

I have an iPhone 4 for sale. It is a bit dinged up (for good reason) but it still might be the right phone for you (if you’re a no good cheating ho).

This phone has a snazzy pink cover, and the battery holds a charge. I have a cord and a car charger. The screen is broken but you can STILL do lots of stuff with it like …

1. TAKE PICTURES: The camera still works. If you want you can take a picture of your boobs or a picture of you’re hand in your panties (wearing the ring I bought you for valentines last year), it can still do that just fine. If you need some ideas how to do this, I left all the pictures on the phone so you see how it’s done.

2. SEXTING (even with the broken screen). It’s hard to see the letters when you are typing, but the autocorrect is pretty good at fixing words like “cu**ing”, “hard”, “hotel” and “pu**y”. If you’re too bashful to try sexting, I left all the texts on the phone so you can see some good examples. Don’t be shy.

3. GET YOU A DATE – This phone still has all the contacts on it that are the most interesting. I deleted my mother and my sister off the phone, but left all the guys from Miramichi, Moncton and SJ. These guys seem pretty friendly, and some of them are well hung (except for Big Dave from Kingston – dude, seriously?). I’m sure if you strike up a conversation they could pick right up where they left off.

I only want $10 for the phone, but would consider trading it for some socks.

UPDATE – November 6, 2013

KIJIJI took down this ad yesterday because they said it broke some policy. I can see that… But today they sent me an email and said that was a mistake and put it back up.

I received several hundred emails congratulating me, sympathizing with me, and thanking me for the humour. I also got an email that told me the phone was fixable. I’m going to look into that.



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