New PETA Billboard Causes Pandemic Controversy

PETA is once again getting some pushback on its billboards.  The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put up a billboard in cities in California, Iowa and Nebraska, as well as internationally, featuring a block of tofu with the statement “Tofu never caused a pandemic. Try it today!”  The animal rights organization is referencing the COVID-19 crisis, which it alleges “like many other diseases, COVID-19 came from animals confined and killed for food by humans.” An investigation into the origins of the disease is still ongoing.  Despite this fact, PETA is moving forward with its claims, touting a vegan diet as a “lifesaving” solution.  “The best thing we can do for animals, the planet, our health, and our communities is to go vegan, and PETA plans to get this lifesaving message out to as many other cities as we can,” a spokesperson for PETA said in a statement to Fox News.  People on social media weren’t thrilled with the timing of PETA’s billboards, calling them “disrespectful.”

Photo Credit: PETA – supplied



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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan