50 Cent Purchased 200 Front Row Tickets To Ja Rule So That They’d Be Empty

This is the definition of mean. Before you get upset at 50, know that the rivalry between the twohas been going on for years – and Ja Rule has been just as petty. 50 says he saw a Groupon deal for Ja Rule’s concert, and decided to jump on it when he noticed it only cost $15 a seat. He then took to social media (later deleted) and said “I just bought 200 seats in the front row so they can be empty LOL.” The deal was allegedly for the show November 9th.






Ja Rule responded with a few punches of his own. This feud is not new. The two have bumped heads for years. Some reports suggest it started in 1999, when Ja Rule was robbed at gunpoint for his chain,. and then allegedly saw the robber hanging with 50 Cent and that rubbed him the wrong way. Ja Rule says that isn’t it – and that 50 just hates him because he was denied a spot on one of his tracks , “Murda 4 Life.” Click HERE for a timeline of the feud.



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This look fits you Ol ho ass nigga… @50cent ???

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