61-Year Old Sharon Stone Recreates Her Basic Instinct Scene And Poses Topless For Vogue Portugal

Sharon Stone posed topless and recreated her iconic scene from the movie “Basic Instinct” in a new cover shoot for Vogue Portugal’s Sex Issue.  The 61-year-old actress posed for the cover as well as sat down for an interview in which she talked about the strategic way in which she made herself seem “f—able” to studio executives early in her career.  Despite being synonymous with the term “femme fatale,” Stone explained that she does not consider herself a sex symbol.  “When I entered the business the term ‘f—able’ was used to see if you were employable. The studio executives sat around a large table and discussed whether or not each of us was in fact ‘f—able.’ They thought I was not,” the actress told Vogue Portugal.  “I gave this some hard thought as I wanted to work, so I did a strategically planned semi-naked Playboy shoot. Did I fit the part? Obviously not. Did I use my brain to figure out how to appear ‘f—able’? You bet. (…) So no, is the answer. I didn’t and I don’t [feel like a sex symbol].”

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Stone posed for a topless cover photo for the magazine in a racy snap that sees her floating on her back in water with her bare breast exposed.  Vogue Portugal’s Editor in Chief, Sofia Lucas, shared a censored snap of the cover on Instagram revealing that the original was taken down for violating the app’s nudity policy.  In a separate photo, she sits in fishnets, stiletto heels and a plunging leotard. She stares directly at the camera with her legs spread far apart, an obvious nod to her famous scene from “Basic Instinct”.

Photo Credit: Vogue – Portugal – Photography by Branislav Simoncik. Styling by Paris Libby


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