A List Of 10 Fun Things To See And Do In Milwaukee

Heading to Milwaukee to cheer on the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Final? Here is a list of the fun things you can experience while you’re in town:

Top 10 fun things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

1.  Book your flight out of Milwaukee.

2. Program the GPS in your rental car to navigate to Chicago.

3. Watch YouTube videos of people having fun in other cities.

4. Wonder what actual fun things your friends are doing back in Toronto.

5. Daydream about returning home.

6. Drink enough alcohol to make you forget you paid to go to Milwaukee.

7. Ask An Uber driver how many people have ordered a ride out of Milwaukee.

8. Brainstorm ideas on how to get your money back for this trip.

9. Look out your hotel window and count the trees.

10. Stream Z103.5 on iHeart Radio so you can enjoy a good radio station. BTW … We still play Drake.

Photo Credit: visitmilwaukee.org

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan