A Memorial Will Be Held Today For George Floyd

A private memorial is planned for George Floyd in Minneapolis today, more than a week after his arrest and subsequent death in the custody of local police. Floyd’s killing sparked a series of protests calling for an end to racism and police violence that spread across the U.S. and around the globe. Officials say although the event is private, a TV camera will be allowed in. Floyd’s funeral is planned for next week in Houston.

The U.S. had a mostly peaceful night — as thousands spent their daylight hours protesting the killing of George Floyd and demanding that laws be changed to prevent similar deaths. However, police in New York were kept busy with the ongoing plague of looting that have marred peaceful demonstrations. Still, military troops stood guard as demonstrators marched through Washington Wednesday night and as an 11pm curfew neared, activists urged the demonstrators to head home. Some did, but others said they were returning to the White House.

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Photo Credit: The Floyd Family

Global News published this video from inside one of the protests:


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan