A Woman Is Suing Chuck E Cheese After Getting Her Hair Caught In The Ticket Machine

An Oregon woman is suing Chuck E. Cheese for negligence after getting her hair caught in a ticket machine for 20 minutes. Ashreana Scott filed the suit against the pizza and entertainment chain on Monday, citing pain, discomfort, distress and headaches after the ordeal at a restaurant in Portland back in December.  The incident unfolded when Scott visited the Chuck E. Cheese branch near downtown Portland on December 8.  Scott said she was feeding tickets into a machine to exchange them for prizes, when her hair got caught up in the equipment.  She claims she was stuck in the machine for 20 minutes without any assistance from the company, before a Chuck E. Cheese employee finally came to her rescue and freed her from the machinery. Scott is now suing CEC Entertainment – also known as the Chuck E. Cheese family fun center – for damages, after the incident caused her injuries including pain, discomfort, distress, and headaches.  “Defendant failed to use reasonable care in the design and layout of its ticket counting machine to ensure that guests like plaintiff would not get their hair caught in the machine,” said the complaint filed by Scott’s lawyer, Michael Fuller.  As well as negligence, the suit also claims that the restaurant chain had failed to train staff how to respond in such a situation.  Scott is seeking $1,000 as well as a jury trial and the installation of warning signs next to the machines.

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