Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty To Punching Man Over A Parking Spot

Alec Baldwin has pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment. That after he had allegedly punched a guy over a parking spot. At the time he claimed it was false, but at a New York City Criminal Court yesterday he pleaded guilt, and he has agreed to take an anger management class (which he must finish by March). He will also pay a $120 fine.  The anger management program will only be one day, according to New York Daily News.

The Prosecutor in the case, Ryan Lipes, argued that he was offering Baldwin a lesser charge because he did not have a criminal record. The Judge asked him if he was “pleading guilty because you are in fact guilty.” To which he replied “Yes.” He refused to speak before he was sentenced. The actor had previously claimed he never punched Wojciech Cieszkowski over the parking spot, while prosecutors said he told a police officer that he pushed the man.



Image: WIKI

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox