Almost Half Of Couples Want To Sleep Break-Up With Their Partner

According to a new OnePoll survey, nearly half of people in a relationship or married (46 percent) admit to wanting a sleep break-up from their partner.  Nearly half of those polled admitted they would rather sleep alone, at least some of the time.  19 percent who claim their partner is the biggest thing interrupting their sleep every night.

So what is the problem here? Half of couples say their partner snores too loud, and 37 percent saying they simply just get too hot lying next to their partner. 32 percent of survey respondents say they spend all night fighting over the covers with their partner. For men specifically, 22 percent complain they deal with hair in their face all night.

Three in four people admitted they sacrifice their own quality of sleep for their partner, by not moving from an uncomfortable position so as not to wake them.  It gets so bad sometimes that over half (57 percent) of people who cohabitate with their partner say they’ve actually snuck off in the middle of the night to the couch to get some much-needed shut-eye. The survey was conducted for Slumber Cloud.

Photo Credit: Slumber Cloud

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox