Amusement Park Is Looking For Brave Pairs For A 30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge

They say shared near-death experiences bring people closer together, and Six Flags’ Great America is putting this theory to the test. The amusement park’s Maryland location is inviting 12 contestants to spend 30 hours confined in a partially closed coffin with another person. The competition is part of the park’s Fright Fest 2019, which returns for its second year in late September.  The six lucky pairs — which can be “siblings, cousins, friends, lovers” — will have to “play dead” together inside six caskets for a claustrophobic 30 hours from 4pm Sept. 27 to 10pm on Sept. 28.  If 30 hours of being crammed in a box with another person wasn’t frightening enough, “participants will be exposed to fog, dramatic lighting, flash photography and extreme weather conditions,” per the website. Oh, and “fright fest ghouls will be lurking around in the darkness.”  Participants are warned not to break the rules listed on the website.

To enter the contest: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

Smartphones, watches, earbuds and headphones are strictly prohibited — except during breaks — and “anyone who gets out of their coffin for any reason, with the exception of the designated bathroom and meal breaks, will be automatically disqualified and not eligible to win the contest.” And while friends will be allowed to stay by your side during the daytime, it’s just you and your casket-mate once the gates close.  The last remaining couple wins $600 dollars in cash to split between them, and each participant will receive two 2020 Gold Season Passes to the park, as well a Fright Fest package.

Photo Credit: Six Flags’ Great America

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan