Anne Winters Of 13 Reasons Why Gets Madonna’s Attention By Posting These Photos In The Hope To Play Her In Her Biopic

I gotta hand it to Anne Winters. Although you may not know the name, Anne is from the series 13 Reasons Why. Anne wants to play Madonna in her upcoming biopic. Apparently she could not get a call back for the life of her. So she took it into her own hands, and it might pay off. The latest rumours say Ozark actress Julia Garner is in consideration for the role of Madonna (Madonna herself is directing and co-writing a film about her life). Anne posted a series of photos over the weekend modeling some of Madonna’s iconic looks, and the resemblance is uncanny.  It blew up so much, that Madonna reached out.  The question is — can she mimic her mannerisms? Madonna will definitely give her a chance, it seems! Anne sent a thank you note to fans and media that shared her pic, adding “Anything is possible when you go for what you want!”






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