Apple Is Offering Free Replacement For Battery Cases After Discovering Flaw That Prevents Them From Charging

Customers who bought a phone-charging case for two newer iPhone models may be eligible for a free replacement.   Apple says it will replace cases with built-in chargers purchased for its XS, XS Max, and XR models after issues prevented them from charging the case itself in addition to problems charging the devices they were attached to.  Luckily, charging and not safety is the issues reason for the replacement, so customers who have purchased the product don’t have to worry about them overheating or endangering anyone or anything.  Faulty cases were made between January 2019 and October 2019 according to Apple and can be replaced either by Apple itself or at an authorized service provider where they will be inspected.  Dysfunctional cases will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, according to the company.  All models and colors affected by the issues are covered under the program according to Apple and any replacement will be covered for two years under a new warranty.  As is the standard with most branded Apple products, the cases are sold at a premium – $129 – and come with some major perks for customers.

Photo Credit: Apple


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan