BC News Anchor Blasts Viewer Who Told Her To Dress Appropriately After Showing Too Much Cleavage

A BC news anchor has hit back at a viewer who criticized her for showing too much cleavage and warned that “this generation of women doesn’t stand for harassment of any kind.”  Kori Sidaway, a journalist for CHEK News in Victoria, took to Twitter to share the scathing email she received from a critic asking her to “dress appropriately” on air.  She said she refused to bow down to the body shaming and instead was “taking her power back” by sharing the message.

Twitter users rushed to support the journalist and reassure her that she looked beautiful and professional while on their screens.  “This screenshot was sent to me and pretty much all my colleagues in my newsroom in an attempt to strategically shame and police my body,” Kori wrote on her social media accounts, while sharing a screengrab of the email and the image that her critic sent.  “Unfortunately this happens quite often with women working in the public eye, but this was one of the worst.  To the nameless keyboard warrior(s) who try to reduce women in media, in politics, in whatever workplace, in public or at home — into an outfit or a body part — just a warning, this generation of women doesn’t stand for harassment of any kind.”

She revealed that the email was sent with two attachments: the first was a photo of Kori during a news segment in which she wore a white V-neck blouse with a colorful necklace.  The second image showed a woman’s cleavage in a much more revealing garment, with the sender suggesting the audience at home perceived Kori’s look in this way.  “Breaking news. Too much cleavage can break your news story. Don’t let it happen to you. Episode: Sunday September 6, 5-7pm,” the unnamed person wrote.  “Attached are two photos. What you think we see and what we actually see. Dress appropriately, it was hard work to get there. Thanks, Vancouver Island Cleavage Patrol.”  Kori, a weekend reporter for CHEK news who has been on TV screens in Canada for two years, shared the post on Tuesday and it has already received more than 4,500 likes.  Kori thanked her followers for making her “feel so much less alone, so supported and so much more empowered.”  “You helped take my lemon and made lemonade,” she added.

Photo Credit: Kori Sidaway via Twitter


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