Bebe Rexha Says Designers Are Refusing To Dress Her For The Grammys Because She Is Too Big

Bebe Rexha was nominated for her first Grammy Award this year, but instead of being excited about the night, she’s taking to social media to explain how disappointed she is about designers refusing to dress her. Bebe says her tean was chatting with several different designers who have all made custom dresses for stars on the red carpet, but “a lot of them do not want to dress me because I’m too big. Literally, I’m too big.  If a size 6/8 is too big, then I don’t know what to tell you,”

Bebe goes on to say “You’re saying that all the women in the world that are size 8 and up are not beautiful and they cannot wear your dresses.”  She didn’t directly name the designers who body shamed her.




Cover Image: Bebe/Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox