Bingemans In Kitchener Introduces New Attractions Including A 7D Interactive Experience

With lockdown measures easing up in the Waterloo Region, Bingemans is planning new events and experiences across their entertainment lineup. An exciting list of new events, experiences and re-openings including a new interactive 7D experience called the “Dark Ride XD Theatre” at Bingemans FunworX.

What is the XD Dark Ride? It brings together the thrill of riding a roller coaster with the 7D interactive simulation of a video game to create an exciting, eye popping experience for the whole family. Strap on your seatbelt while you sit in a motion seat that gives you the realistic feeling of falling, flying and crashing! Not only is there the motion effect, but also state of the art surround sound, light effects and wind that transport you into a realistic feeling that you are part of the game. The coolest part of the whole experience is that you are equipped with a laser blaster to fend off the enemy attack while you compete for the high score to beat your friends and family. “The Dark Ride XD Theatre is unlike anything we’ve installed at FunworX before and will be a great addition to the region” says Mark Bingeman, President of Bingemans. “The technology behind this ride is unbelievable, there’s really nothing else like it around.”

To view the ride: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

In late 2020, Bingemans also added a state-of-the-art interactive mini golf game called “Leaderboard” to their Kingpin Kitchener location as guests have been showing a clear interest in interactive arcade experiences. In addition to the new ride, Bingemans has reopened their FunworX and Kingpin locations in Kitchener for private bookings and walk in traffic for up to 10 people at a time, in accordance with regulations.

Kingpin Cambridge is also slated to re-open on March 5 th. Beach Volleyball registration is open now for weekly leagues starting in May and Summer Daycamp for children 4-14 years will be open for registration in March.

The highly popular drive-in experiences are also back for 2021 with even more variety of entertainment offerings. New drone light show events are planned for March and April, with movies, comedy and more this spring/summer at On The Grand. Also, back by popular demand, Dino Drive Thru is returning April 1 st, with new and expanded creatures from the past (, timed ticketing is on sale now. “These are only the start of a fantastic entertainment lineup for Spring and Summer. We know that everyone is hungry for exciting experiences in a safe environment and that is what we plan to provide.”

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