Brad Pitt Sued By A Woman That Claims He Took Her Money And Dangled ‘Marriage’ In Front Of Her

Brad Pitt is being sued by a woman that says she was basically dating him and he stole her money. (This is a bit of a sad story because clearly this woman is very confused and easily tricked.) Kelli Christina is a healthcare CEO from Plano, Texas.  The woman says she started to talk with Brad online and help him raise money for his Make It Right Foundation.  That’s the charity he set up to help rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The woman said she helped raise $40,000 and throughout those two years, he mentioned the possibility of marriage with her. Pretty soon, she stopped sending “Brad” his money, and he ghosted her. Now, she is suing him for $100,000. The REAL Brad’s lawyers told her that he’s never heard of her.  But she’s still going ahead with her lawsuit against him. She doesn’t believe it was anyone but Brad.


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