Bride Nearly Loses Her Leg After A Bachelorette Party Mishap

* Warning: a graphic image appears below. Discretion is advised *

A U.K. woman who severely broke her leg during her bachelorette party is thanking her bridesmaid – who has no formal first-aid training – for her quick thinking that likely saved the limb in its entirety.  During her bachelorette celebrations in Center Parcs, 24-year-old Lula O’Neins “says” she tripped and broke both her tibia and fibula in one of her legs. The bones were broken in two places, causing her leg to be bent out of shape.  Her badly broken leg was saved by her 26-year-old sister and bridesmaid, Gabrielle George, who “pulled Lula’s leg to straighten it out.”

The accident occurred just eight weeks before her wedding day.  O’Neins was eventually taken to a hospital in Bath, Somerset, England, after reportedly waiting for an ambulance for six hours.  Emergency medical officials reportedly told the 24-year-old she would’ve likely had to have the leg amputated had it not been for her sister’s quick thinking, as “she would have lost the blood supply to the limb due to how badly broken it was.”  O’Neins required extensive surgery to repair her leg. A rod was placed in her leg, and she also had pins inserted into her ankle and knee to help her limb heal properly.  She spent 12 days in the hospital following the procedure.  On her wedding day two months later, the bride wasn’t able to wear the high heels she picked out, sporting a boot on her injured leg instead. She also spent her vacation in Italy on crutches.

Photo Credit: S.W.N.S. via Fox News


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