Burger King Debuts “Social Distancing Whopper”

Burger King wants you to have it your way — and make others stay away.  Burger King Italy has playfully added another layer to social distancing with the debut of a new Whopper, triple-loaded with onions, to keep others at a safe physical distance amid the pandemic.  A commercial promoting the so-called “social distancing Whopper” hit YouTube on Thursday, opening with footage of a woman waiting for an elevator. A man — who evidently ate the onion-loaded Whopper — then appears and says hello.  Repulsed by the stench of his breath, the woman shoots him a dirty look, clenches her fists and turns away, taking the stairs instead.  “The triple onion Whopper that helps others stay away,” the quick clip concluded in Italian, according to a translation.

Photo Credit: Burger King via YouTube



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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan