Cameo Offering Live Zoom Calls With Celebrities — For A Price

Cameo, a website that gives you the opportunity to receive or give a video message from some of your favourite “celebrities” and sports stars, is now offering live Zoom calls at 10 minutes each. So what will it cost you? We broke down some of the available stars:

Lance Bass – $1300
Ian Zering – $1000
Tony Hawk – $1000
Bret Favre – $5000
Boston Rob (Survivor) – $350
Sinbad – $250
Gilbert Godfried $750
Barb (Pete’s mom from the bachelor) – $250

**All in US Dollars

As of right now, Bret Favre is the most expensive option. It used to be Jeremy Piven. He was listed for $15,000 for a 10 minutes chat when it was first up. It was thought to be a typo, but Cameo clarified it was not. It’s since been taken down.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan