Canada Caught In The Middle Of An Unfolding Drama Between The U.S. And China

China’s foreign ministry is demanding the release of Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer, who was arrested in Vancouver on Saturday and may be wanted for extradition by the United States. A Justice Department spokesman says Meng Wanzhou who is also the daughter of the company’s founder, is in custody in Vancouver and has requested a publication ban. A clerk at the B.C. Supreme Court said a bail hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. China’s foreign ministry today demanded her immediate release and an explanation from Canada as to why she was arrested in transit. It says China is in contact with both Canada and the U.S., which requested Meng’s detention on suspicion of trying to evade U.S. curbs on trade with Iran. China’s embassy in Ottawa says Meng hasn’t violated any U.S. or Canadian laws and called the arrest a serious violation of human rights.

Story Credit: The Canadian Press, Associated Press

Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot / Huawei


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox