Maybe Justin Is The One With Unacceptable Views

Today: Justin Trudeau calls the truckers a fringe minority with unacceptable views. We take a deeper dive into his comments from yesterday.

Also: Neil Young is now off Spotify, COVID-cancelled weddings are being rescheduled on weekdays, and the sexual wellness report.

NOTE: We are off tomorrow. After 9 will return on Monday.… Read more

National Spouses Day And MILF Monday

Today: Please keep the trucker protest peaceful this weekend, NACI now says kids should get another shot of vaccine and Ontario’s NDP and Liberals want to require vaccination to get into the LCBO and pot shops.

PLUS: Celebrating National Spouses Day, McDonald’s is testing a chicken Big Mac, And a viral video to celebrate MILF Monday.… Read more

Support For Our Truckers Is Growing Nationwide

Today: The Freedom Convoy rolls into Ottawa this weekend. But there are some trying to dismiss these patriots. We talk about why everyone should support our truckers and get behind them.

Also: What to do when your Roomba disappears, A bizarre story where multiple people fell from a building, and stories of your sibling dating your ex.

Plus: Colin Jost … Read more

This Is A Pretty Epic Snowstorm

Today: Scott has a great hack for shoveling the driveway, Kanye mentioned Pete Davidson in a new song, The Buffalo Bills are heading to round 2 of the playoffs, and It’s a snow day! Also: Vax mandates are going to send prices through the roof and some restaurants are low-key allowing indoor dining.… Read more

The Back-To-School Plan And Dr Moore Talks About Vaccines

Today: The back-to-school plan is out and it’s an unusual way of keeping parents informed, Dr Moore comments on the “newness” of the vaccines, The CDC reminds people that vaccines don’t stop transmission, A new study that links cannabis to COVID prevention, and more. PLUS: A new survey on women and aging, mixing different cereals, A senior’s residence that got … Read more

Drake – Hot Sauce – Condoms

Today: Drake adds hot sauce to used condoms to make their nobody tries to scam him, Wednesday is an unpopular day to have sex, The things we don’t like discussing with our doctor, and Ontario is making the G road test easier to pass for drivers. Also: Quebec wants an unvax tax and yesterday’s news conference with the Health Minister. … Read more

Maybe Common Sense Is Starting To Prevail

Today: Schools are going back on Monday, Dr Fauci says the numbers are wrong, The CDC says the death toll numbers are wrong, and it’s now time to end vaccine passports and mandates. ALSO: A man just got a heart transplant from a pig, A close encounter with a mountain lion, and spicy new foods from Arby’s. … Read more

Remembering Bob Saget And A New Week Of Lockdowns

Today: Bob Saget passed away yesterday, Tom Brady is a good guy, Wondering where Stephen Lecce is, Wondering where Doug Ford is, Speculating about when schools will reopen, Debating vaccine mandates, Novak Djokovic finally got a visa from an Australian judge, The Queen’s platinum jubilee is coming up, and Donald Trump’s new social media platform is a month away. … Read more

The Good And The Bad From Yesterday

Today: We take your calls and break down Premier Ford’s news conference from yesterday.

Plus: The top searches of 2021 on Pornhub, Women admit their naughty habits, Ben Afflek corrects the record about Jennifer Garner, The acapella version of All I Want For Christmas, and lots more. … Read more

She Doesn’t Want A Public Proposal

Today: A singing UPS driver, Michael Strahan went to space, A new eye drop that replaces reading glasses, The government seems to be pretty worried about Omicron, even though Dr Fauci does not seem very concerned. Plus: A very generous tip, everybody is tired, and women say they do NOT want a big public wedding proposal.… Read more

Changes Are Being Announced Today

Today: The province is announcing changes to Ontario’s pandemic response this afternoon, A court rules on whether work-from-home people can be considered “commuters“, A new pill that adds years to your life, A strange love triangle, The odds on weird ways to die. … Read more

The Top Reasons For Carguments

Today: A man was viciously attacked by a family of adorable otters, A daring recovery effort over Niagara Falls, Scott downloaded an iPhone update and it caused a ton of issues, Rules to follow when stay in a hotel room, The WHO seems to think Omicron isn’t that bad, and the top reasons we get into Carguments. … Read more

Would Would Drive Around With These On Their Car?

Today: The Elf legs in a trunk are kinda morbid, The new QR Code ugly Christmas sweater, Barefoot wines teams up with Oreo, A few new holiday stats, The top 100 restaurants in Canada for 2021, Mr D calls in to talk Google trends, New Modeling data is out from the province, Amazon web services crashed yesterday, and another Navy … Read more

The 2021 Holiday Tipping Guide

Today: How much you should be tipping various people over the holidays, A diplomatic boycott of the Olympics is stupid, Two hair stories that don’t end well, Jonah Hill had a funny story on the Tonight Show last night, and the latest news on Omicron is good but politicians are still trying to restrict people’s lives. … Read more

Trudeau Waiting For NACI To Decide On Booster Shots – Full COVID-19 Update

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the question about booster shots for COVID-19 is not whether Canada has enough — but when people should get them. Trudeau says the country has plenty of vaccine doses for boosters. He says he’s consulting with the National Advisory Committee on Immunization for guidance about who should get them and when. As some provinces prepare … Read more

The Travel Restrictions Change Today In Canada

Today: There are changes to travel restrictions in Canada, starting today. Also: Will you get a booster when you’re eligible? Plus: Putting calorie info on alcohol labels, Privatize the LCBO, 61 customers got stranded inside a bar during a snowstorm, A link between cars and psychopathic tendencies, A collection of wild stories, Reading with your kids, and decriminalizing illicit drugs. … Read more

Omicron Is Already Here

Today: It’s Cyber Monday! Plus: Dr Moore talks about the Omicron variant, Kat had a girls’ weekend, all Family doctors need to get back to work, Pray for British Columbia, And stop complaining about Justin Bieber merch at Tim Hortons. … Read more

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