Christine Elliott And Doug Ford Release Statements – Ford Is Officially The Leader Of The PC’s

Christine Elliott has now conceded the Ontario PC leadership race and that means Doug Ford is officially running for Premiere of Ontario. In a statement last night, Christine said she is “confident in the results” of the election. Initially she questioned the vote, citing “serious irregularities” and pledged to investigate further. Christine Elliott’s camp claimed to have won the popular vote and the majority of ridings. The announcement that Ford won finally came late Saturday, after a seven hour delay as party officials reviewed the results of the vote. Ford defeated Christine Elliott, Caroline Mulroney and Tanya Granic Allen to replace Patrick Brown as leader. Ford becomes the leader of Ontario’s official opposition and will lead the charge to unseat Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne in the June 7th election.

What does the opposition think of Doug Ford as their opponent? Kathleen Wynne says it doesn’t matter who leads the Tory party because their platform would still take billions of dollars out of education, health care and other services. NDP leader Andrea Horwath says with Ford as the Tory leader, the party will “have to deal with the trainwreck that they’ve become.”

Photo Credit: Tim Hudak – Twitter

Here is Doug Ford’s statement:

Here is Christine Elliott’s statement:


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox