Converse Is Selling A Wedding Collection For Brides And Grooms

On your wedding day, you can be on your feet for hours. Between getting ready, the ceremony and then dancing the night away at the reception, wearing heels for that long might give you a few blisters. So if you want to wear flats but still fit with the wedding style, Converse has released a whole range of wedding trainers, and they can even be customized with your name. The trainer brand has unveiled a range featuring styles perfect for brides and grooms.  The whole range is currently only available in the U.S.  The range includes plain white low and high top shoes, pairs that are covered in sequins and some black ones with embroidered roses that would be great for a groom. The post on the Converse website says: “Constructed with the latest and most innovative shoe technologies, Converse are built for all-day wear, so you can dance late into your wedding night in complete comfort.”

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Photo Credit: Converse


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