Domino’s Launches Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza

Domino’s has teamed up with food manufacturer Wattie’s to launch a bizarre new limited-edition “Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza.” The canned pasta and pineapple chunk pie will run you $7.99, but it’s only available in New Zealand — for now.  In addition to those highly non-traditional toppings, these suspect slices come stacked with glazed ham and mozzarella cheese.  “This is no joke! We’ve officially added Hawaiian SPAGHETTI pizza to our menu for a limited time only, with help from our friends at Wattie’s NZ! (no April Fools this time),” Domino’s New Zealand posted on Facebook.  Commenters were split, with many expressing nostalgia for what was apparently a defining cuisine of their childhoods. Others just reacted with disgust.  “My Childhood right here when my mum was too lazy to cook a proper meal. I even do it for my kids sometimes too,” Jazz Gibbs posted. “Where is Facebook’s puke reaction?,” Lyam Trainor clapped back.  Putting pineapple on pizza is a notoriously controversial move, with the president of Iceland considering officially banning the topping in 2017.

Photo Credits: Domino’s New Zealand via Facebook

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan