Flight Attendant Shares What Happens If Someone Dies On The Plane

Flight Attendant Shares What Happens If Someone Dies On The Plane

A flight attendant revealed the procedure that is followed if a passenger dies during the flight.  TikTok user @Sheenie_weenie posts videos detailing her experiences as a flight attendant, giving passengers inside secrets and tips when traveling.  But one clip has racked up more than 2.8 million views after she was asked what happens if someone dies during the flight – and the answer wasn’t what most people expected.  It seemed the hope would be the plane would land at the nearest airport, but Seena-Marie claimed it doesn’t quite work like that in a video captioned: “If a passenger is already found dead on the plane.”  She said: “So if somebody is already incapacitated, they’re laying in their seat and you know their dead and everyone around them is like ‘they’re dead,’ we’re obviously going to check for a pulse and all that.  But if they have a heart attack and die and there’s literally nothing we can do about it, we can’t start like CPR and stuff, we are just going to, erm, wait until we get to our final destination…. yeah.  So we’re going to keep that dead body wherever they are at.  If there’s enough room on the plane, like one of the back rows is open, we’ll move the body to the back row and we’ll try and lay them down and cover them with a blanket.  After we get to the ground, we will de-plane all the people and then medical professionals will meet the plane to get the body off the plane and we will call their next of kin to tell them ‘I’m sorry, but your loved one has passed.'”

Photo Credit: Scott Fox – @ScottFoxonair


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