Florida Couple Uses Pet Alligator To Reveal 10th Child’s Gender

Stacie Childs-Wright and husband Chad Wright let their pet alligator, Amos, show the world the sex of their unborn baby, which will be the couple’s tenth child.  A video from Tampa station Fox 13, courtesy of Childs-Wright, shows a barefoot Wright dangling a black balloon from a pole, urging the gator to puncture it with his jaws.  The provocation results in a quick chomp and a subsequent explosion of pink powder.  While Amos — who has been a member of the family since 2000 — seems unbothered, Wright appears to be disappointed that a little girl is on the way.  Childs-Wright says: “I told you!” to her husband, who is a Florida Wildlife Control “nuisance wildlife trapper.”  Gender reveal parties don’t often feature deadly reptiles, but they’ve become ever more creative in the Instagram age.

Photo Credits: New York Post via Twitter

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