Geminis Are The Worst To Date – Pisces Are The Best

Geminis Are The Worst To Date – Pisces Are The Best

A new study asked 2,000 people to think about their relationships, past, present and future and found that a third refuse to date a specific astrological sign ever again – with Geminis topping the list. If you’re a Cancer, Taurus, Aries or Leo – you may want to tread lightly in your relationships, as these signs were next in line for most undateable signs.


  1. Gemini – 42%
  2. Cancer – 37%
  3. Taurus – 36%
  4. Aries – 34%
  5. Leo – 31%
  6. Virgo – 28%
  7. Scorpio – 24%
  8. Libra – 22%
  9. Sagittarius – 17%
  10. Capricorn – 16%
  11. Aquarius – 10%
  12. Pisces – 7%

Regardless of whether they’ve blacklisted a star sign from future romantic entanglements, 42% of all respondents said they’ve turned to the stars for some assistance to see if they’re compatible with their significant other. The majority of respondents (62%) also shared that they believe that their relationships are unique and don’t fit into a standard mold; and over half of the respondents (56%) said they always seem to struggle to find the perfect gift – no matter who it’s for or what the occasion is.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Diamondère, the survey found that nearly half (48%) of respondents often consult their horoscope for advice on their romantic life – with some of the best advice ranging from believing in your heart, being honest with yourself and being patient.

Credit: Diamondère / OnePoll



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