General Motors Announces Details On Employee Payouts – Confirms Oshawa Will Close

Update: 7:00am – It appears G.M. workers are on the job as-of this morning.

Original story:

G.M. workers in Oshawa appear to be on strike this morning. Yesterday G.M. made it clear that it is proceeding with the closure of the Oshawa plant. They rejected union proposals to keep the plant open past 2019. It’s not clear how many or how long employees will be off the job but the union says they plan to continue their media campaign to pressure G.M. to stay open.

In a statement, General Motors claims they are being fair to the employees and they want the union to work with them. G.M. says they have identified job opportunities and are willing to pay for retraining and they are open to negotiations on packages for workers on top of what is already included in contracts. About half of the 2,500 hourly employees at the plant are eligible for a pension. Retirement benefits include about $3,500 a month, a $20,000 car voucher, and a lump sum payment of about $50,000.

To read the statement from the union: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

To read the statement from General Motors: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

Photo Credit: General Motors via Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox