Google Now Allows You To Find Greener Flights

Google Now Allows You To Find Greener Flights

Searching for flights on Google just got greener. The tech giant on Wednesday debuted a new tool on Google Flights that tells users which flights in a search result have lower carbon emissions. Flights with significantly lower emissions are highlighted in green indicating what percentage below the median they are for that route. Users can search for flights based on carbon impact, and the results will list the greenest flights at the top of the list. The new flight feature and others are part of a sustainability initiative Google CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted in a blog post.

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From the blog post: 

Beginning today, you’ll see a carbon emissions estimate for nearly every flight in the search results — right next to the price and duration of the flight. So when you’re choosing among flights of similar cost or timing, you can also factor carbon emissions into your decision.

These emissions estimates are flight-specific as well as seat-specific. For instance, newer aircraft are generally less polluting than older aircraft, and emissions increase for premium economy and first-class seats because they take up more space and account for a larger share of total emissions.

To put these estimates in context, flights with significantly lower emissions will be labeled with a green badge. And if you want to prioritize carbon impact, you can sort all of the results to bring the greenest flights to the top of the list.

Photo Credit: Google

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