Google Smart Speakers Now Let Parents Record Themselves Reading A Bedtime Story For Their Kids

A military father recording “Wind in the Willows” for his children to listen to while he was in Afghanistan has inspired a new story time app for Google smart speakers.  MyStorytime lets a parent who might not be able to tuck their children in at night record a bedtime story for their little ones to play before they go to sleep.  It was inspired by the Oliver family who didn’t want to stop their tradition of dad reading a bedtime story to his daughters even though he was half a world away.  “Nothing can replace Daddy being home, but hopefully My Storytime will make it just a little bit easier to get through the next deployment and that it brings some comfort to other families as well,” said mother Jennifer Oliver.

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While deployed in Afghanistan dad would record short clips of a bedtime story, load it on to a shared Google Drive and Jennifer would then play it through a smart speaker using her phone.  She said this was a long winded and complicated process that didn’t always work as expected “we knew there had to be a better way.”  The family took to message boards to find a solution and eventually met with engineers from Google and military veteran-owned design agency “Instrument” which led to the creation of MyStorytime.  The app they created is available on any Google Assistant enabled device including smart speakers and phones.  It allows mom or dad to say “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime”.

Photo Credit: Google / Google Home


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan