Gyms Waiting For Possible Changes To Be Announced – Full COVID19 Update

Fitness businesses in Ontario are awaiting the provincial medical officer of health’s review of COVID19 gym protocols. Doctor Barbara Yaffe says she is reviewing the guidelines following a large outbreak at a cycling studio in Hamilton. 47 COVID19 cases have been linked to the SPINCO Hamilton location, making up a quarter of Hamilton’s active cases. James Sheridan, an executive at GoodLife Fitness, says he and others at the Fitness Industry Council of Canada want to collaborate with health officials on the new guidelines.

Here is yesterday’s news conference from Premier Ford:

Ontario Numbers:

Yesterday Toronto, Peel, Ottawa and York Region made up the vast majority of Ontario’s 783 new COVID19 cases. There were 239 new cases in Toronto, 136 new cases in Peel, 127 in York Region and 89 in Ottawa. Another 22 people were admitted to hospital and there were 5 more deaths. The good news is that there were 779 more resolved cases.

Outbreak at Wilfred Laurier:

Fifteen people have tested positive for COVID19 in an outbreak at a Wilfred Laurier University residence in Waterloo. The university says the Region of Water Public Health declared the outbreak on two floors of the Clara Conrad Hall residence earlier this week. The health unit reports there were 15 cases in the university outbreak as of yesterday. Residents on the affected floors have been told to isolate for two weeks.

Another Niagara Cop Tests Positive:

A second Niagara police officer has tested positive for COVID19. The Niagara Regional Police Service says the member was assigned to the headquarters in Niagara Falls. Contract tracing is underway. The force says there is no evidence that the two known cases in the police force are connected.

Lockdown Compliance:

A global survey during the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic found introverts and neurotic people are more likely to comply with lockdown orders. Researchers analyzed responses from more than 100,000 people in 55 countries. They found extroverts were significantly less likely to shelter in place no matter how strictly the government enforced its policies. Open individuals are typically more likely to take risks, but openness is also related to accurate risk perception, realizing the severity of COVID and acting accordingly.

Oxford University Scientists Create A Five-Minute Coronavirus Test Which Could Be Used In Airports And Offices:

British scientists have developed a rapid coronavirus test they say can spot the disease in less than five minutes. The Oxford University team behind the device hope it will be ready to be rolled out nationwide in the middle of next year. It works using a nasal swab that is inserted into a cartridge that scans for antigens, or proteins found on the surface of COVID19. The test can also tell the virus apart from other infections such as flu and seasonal human coronaviruses, according to a small study of its efficacy.

The Financial Impact of a Second Wave Lockdown:

A second COVID19 lockdown could slow Ontario’s economic recovery, according to the province’s fiscal watchdog. The Financial Accountability Office says reopening businesses over the summer improved the province’s financial outlook. A report released yesterday said economic growth will rebound strongly if the pandemic is contained, but new restrictions would hamper that. Premier Ford says the province no longer plans to balance the books by 2024 because of the pandemic.

The Big City Mayors are Calling for More Cash:

Mayors of Ontario’s largest cities say they need will need financial help from provincial and federal governments during the second wave of COVID19. The mayors met with provincial and federal ministers via a videoconference yesterday. Ontario’s Big City Mayors, which includes the 29 largest cities in the province, pressed officials on the need for investment in infrastructure and municipal operating funding for next year. Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie, chair of the group, says cities are forecasting steep revenue losses as they plan for their 2021 budgets.

First Nations Infections:

COVID19 cases continue to climb across the country, including within First Nations. Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says the federal government knows of 209 active cases of COVID19 in Indigenous communities. He says Aboriginal leaders worked hard to get the first wave under control, and with proper federal support they can do it again.

Preparing Long Term Care Homes for a Second Wave:

A long-term care association says it is concerned its homes are not ready for the second wave of COVID19. The Ontario Long-Term Care Association made the comments last month at the Long-Term Care COVID19 Commission. CEO Donna Duncan says staffing shortages were a root cause that led to deaths in nursing homes in the spring. She says immediate government action is needed to help deal with the shortage.

More COVID19 Charges Laid:

An Ottawa woman faces two charges under the Quarantine Act after police say she failed to self-isolate for the legally required 14 days after returning from a trip outside Canada. Authorities say the 53-year-old went back to her job at a long-term care facility four days after her arrival in Canada. She’s charged with violating the self-isolation requirement and causing a risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm by knowingly breaking quarantine — which carries a maximum potential penalty of a one-million-dollar fine and three years in prison.

Alberta COVID19 Update:

Alberta is reporting 244 new COVID19 cases. More than half the province’s 2,738 active infections are in Edmonton. In Calgary, total of 46 patients, 38 staff and five visitors have tested positive in an outbreak at Foothills Medical Centre. Eleven patients have died at the city’s biggest hospital.

New Restrictions Coming to Manitoba:

Tighter COVID19 rules are coming for Winnipeg. Manitoba Health Minister Cameron Friesen says changes could include a reduction in the 10-person limit on gatherings. The province is reporting a record-high 173 new COVID19 cases, mostly in the Winnipeg area. The chief public health officer says he is seeing more examples of people gathering in bars, restaurants and workplaces while symptomatic.

Fauci Warns Americans About US Thanksgiving:

The top infectious disease expert in the US is urging Americans to rethink their traditional Thanksgiving plans next month, as COVID19 cases and hospitalizations continue to climb Doctor Anthony Fauci tells Good Morning America that families need to evaluate the risks of having large groups of people together, some having been exposed to countless strangers on planes and at airports. Fauci says right now, people need to make tough decisions that will save lives, noting he cancelled plans with his adult children because they live out of town.

Two People Close to Kamala Harris Test Positive:

Joe Biden’s campaign is halting the travel of his running mate, Kamala Harris, through this weekend after two people — a flight crew member and Harris’ communications director, Liz Allen — tested positive for coronavirus. Harris was not in what the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define as close contact with either person, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a statement. Still, Harris’ planned trip to North Carolina yesterday was scrapped, and she will remain off the road until Monday, she said. “Neither of these people have had contact with Vice President Biden, Senator Harris or any other staffers since testing positive or in the 48 hours prior to their positive test results,” O’Malley Dillon said.

Remdesivir – Which Was Used To Treat Trump – Has Little Effect On A COVID Patient’s Chances Of Survival, WHO Study Reveals

Remdesivir does not improve COVID19 survival odds, a large World Health Organization (WHO) trial of it and three other treatments has ruled. More than 11,200 hospitalized COVID19 patients around the world were treated with remdesivir – an antiviral – lopinavir, hydroxychloroquine, interferon or a placebo for the WHO’s massive SOLIDARITY trial, according to the Financial Times. None of the drugs substantially affected mortality risks, the dismal report found.

France Infections:

French police searched the homes of the health minister, the former prime minister and other top officials at dawn yesterday morning as part of an investigation into the government’s COVID19 response. France is fighting a second wave of cases that have filled a third of the country’s intensive care units. President Emmanuel Macron announced curfews on around 20-million people in the Paris region and eight other French metropolitan areas starting tonight.

Waterloo Region / WDG Numbers:

Region of Waterloo Public Health announced 9 new COVID19 cases yesterday. But thanks to a lot more recovered patients, the number of active cases in the Region went from 126 down to 98. Unfortunately, there are still 4 people in area hospitals being treated for COVID19. Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph announced 10 new cases yesterday, after reporting zero on Wednesday. Of the 10 new cases, 6 are in Dufferin County and 4 are in Guelph. The Region has 49 active cases and still zero people hospitalized.

Waterloo Region Infections:

A student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute in Kitchener has tested positive for COVID19. That student was last in the building on Wednesday. Contact tracing is underway and those people will be directed to self-isolate until October 28. Another student in Waterloo Region has also tested positive. That person attends Keatsway Public School in Waterloo. Public Health says there was no exposure to other students or staff during the infectious period.

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