Hedley Is Facing Sexual Assault And Sexual Misconduct Allegations By Fans As Young As 14

Members of Hedley are being accused of sexual assault and harassment towards fans as young as 14-years-old. The entire band, including front-runner Jacob Hoggard are being outed by fans using the hashtag #outHedley2k18 with stories coming in that are not shining a good light on the guys.

Tweets of their alleged encounters include one fan who says she asked Jacob at a meet and greet what they usually do after the show, and he proceeded to tell her they were looking for girls to have threesomes with. Another says she was chosen to be in a music video for Hedley and was invited back to their hotel room where they were ‘vulgar and handsy’ and she was very uncomfortable. Another girl says she was standing outside their hotel room as her friend was hooking up with one of the band members. That’s when she claims another grabbed her hand and tried to get her into the room asking if she was ‘for him’. There are dozens of stories. With that, a petition for a group to replace Hedley at the Junos 2018 has started. The CEO of The Junos tells Global News “we are following this situation very closely.”

None of these allegations have been proven. Z103.5 has not been able to verify the authenticity of these stories and photos.




Cover Image: Hedley Via Twitter
Sources: Twitter, Global TV

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox