Here’s How Many Christmas Lights It Would Take For Your House To Be Seen From Space

Scientists have calculated that if you want your house to be seen from space at Christmas time, you would need 2,683 LED lights on your roof.  Researchers say that if there is minimal light pollution it is theoretically possible for a festive house to be visible from the International Space Station.  The group of scientists was inspired to work out how bright a display needed to be to be visible from space after watching Deck the Halls, starring Danny DeVito.  In the 2006 Christmas film, DeVito’s character Buddy Hall sets himself a mission to use Christmas decorations to make his house visible from outer space.  The team’s findings were based on a house having an apparent magnitude of at least +6.5 and the luminosity of a single LED being 4 lumen (lm).  They found the luminosity required for a house to be seen from space to be 10.6 lm multiplied by 103 lm.  The students also based their findings around the assumption that Buddy’s house would have zero light pollution and could appear on MyEarth, a fictional version of Google Earth.

Photo Credits: New Regency Pictures via Youtube screenshot 



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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan