Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix June 2021

Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix June 2021

New stuff on Netflix includes highlighting the Fathers! Kevin Hart stars in ‘Fatherhood’ out on June 18th, which looks part funny and a big part touchingly adorable. Grab the kleenex! The classic movies are pretty plentiful, too. Whether you enjoy some fierce Harrison Ford in Air Force One, a good Rom-Com in Hitch, or award winning flicks like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. PLUS – Plenty of new contents for the kids and kids at heart in your life — new seasons of Thomas and Friends, Cocomelon, 3 seasons of LEGO Ninjago, The Secret Life Of Pets 2, and Starbeam.



June 1

A.X.L. (2018) – Sci-fi movie about a top-secret robot dog who develops a special friendship with a human companion.

Agatha Christie’s Crooked House

Air Force One (1997) – Harrison Ford headlines this thriller about the Presidents aircraft being hijacked.

ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks (Seasons 1-2) – Animated kids series.

Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know (2020) – Science documentary studying the mystery of Black Holes through the Event Horizon telescope.

Blood Brother (2018) – Crime drama centered around two best friends who after a tragic event in their youth go down entirely separate paths in their adult lives.

Cocomelon (Season 3) – The worldwide animated phenomenon returns with a brand new season.

Crooked House (2017) – the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s most twisted tale, starring Glenn Close.

Hitch (2005) – Will Smith headlines this rom-com about a smooth-talking man falling for a gossip columnist.

LEGO Ninjago (3 Seasons) – Animated adventures set in the world of the LEGO Ninjago.

Oculus (2013) – Mike Flanagan directed horror about a woman trying to exonerate her brother while pinning a murder on a supernatural being.

Season of the Witch (2011) – Nicolas Cage fantasy movie  about a knight transported a suspected witch.

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: Season Moon Jogen (2013) – Japanese action-drama.

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: Season Moon Kagen (2013) – Japanese action-drama.

Super Monsters: Once Upon a Rhyme (2021) N – Children’s animated musical.

The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (1981) – Looney Tunes movie from the early 1980s featuring lots of shorts featuring your favorite Looney Toon characters.

The Mustang (2019) – Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre directed drama about a convict connecting with a horse while in rehab.

The Town (2010) – Ben Affleck stars and directs this Oscar-nominated movie about a group of thieves.

Thomas and Friends (Season 24) – Animated adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and the steam engines of the Island of Sodor.

Total Drama (5 Seasons) – Entire collection of Total Drama series.



June 2

Erin Brockovich (2000) – Steven Soderbergh directed biopic starring Julia Roberts.

Carnaval (2021) N – Brazilian comedy that sees a heartbroken influencer take her friends on a free trip to Bahia’s vibrant Carnival where she learns life isn’t just about the likes of social media.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) – Rowan Atkinson takes his legendary character abroad.

Psycho (1960)

Psycho (1998)

The Best Man Holiday (2013) – Ensemble cast feature in this comedy about a group of friends reuniting 15 years later over the Christmas holidays.

Van Helsing (2004) – Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale team up to take on vampires and monsters.

The Visit (2015) – Horror from M. Night Shyamalan.


June 3

Alan Saldaña: Locked Up (2021) N – Stand-up special from a Mexican comedian.

Creator’s File: GOLD (Season 1) N – Japanese mockumentary series from Ryuji Akiyama.

Dancing Queens (2021) N – Swedish drama about Dylan Pettersson, a young woman from the Swedish archipelago, who has dreams of performing on the big stage as a professional dancer.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie (Season 1) N – Popular anime feature films coming to Netflix.

Summertime (Season 2) N – Italian romantic drama set during the summer on the Adriatic coast where the attraction between two lovers runs wild.


June 4

Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet (2021) N– David Attenborough narrated documentary on the collapse of biodiversity around the globe.

Feel Good (Season 2) N – Final season of the British LGBT comedy-drama.

Human: The World Within (Season 1) N – PBS documentary series looking into the fascinating world of our own bodies.

Sweet and Sour (2021) N – Romantic K-Drama centered around Jang Hyuk, a man struggling to juggle the relationships of two women in his life, his girlfriend and his competitive colleague.

Sweet Tooth (Season 1) N – fantasy-drama based on the DC Comic of the same name. In a post-apocalyptic world, children are being born as hybrids, half-animal, and half-human. Gus, a half-deer and half-human leaves his forest sanctuary and joins a lone traveler to journey across America in search of answers to his past.

Trippin’ with the Kandasamys (2021) N – African rom-com.

Xtreme (2021) N – Spanish revenge action-thriller that sees a retired hitman seek revenge on the man responsible for the death of his son and father, his own brother.


June 5

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats (2021) N – Documentary about our feline friends.


June 9 
Awake (2021) N – apocalypse sci-fi drama starring Gina Rodriguez as Jill, a former soldier, whose daughter may hold the cure to saving humanity, who after a devasting world event has lost the ability to sleep.


June 10 

Late Night (2019) – Emma Thompson stars as Katherine Newbury, a popular late-night talk show host that suspects she may be about to lose her long-running television show.

Locombianos (Season 1) N – Four of Colombia’s funniest and bawdiest comedians perform before a post-quarantine audience hungry for their stories.


June 11 

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (Season 2) N – More troubles affect the marriages of three women working on radio.

Lupin (Part 2) N – Assane is back and he’s out for revenge in the return of Netflix’s biggest international series to date.

Skater Girl (2021) N – Indian-American coming-of-age sports drama that sees Prerna, a rural Indian teenager, find love for Skateboarding and against all odds wants to pursue her dream of competing in the national championships.

Trese (Season 1) N – Philippino anime series about mythical creatures living amongst the human population.

Wish Dragon (2021) N – The second major Netflix pick-up from Sony Animation about a teen meeting a wish-granting dragon.


June 14 

Elite Short Stories: Guzmán Caye Rebe (Season 1) N – Short spin-off series of the popular Spanish-language drama Elite.

The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) – Romance movie based on the best-selling novel.



June 15

Desperado (1995) – Crime-thriller from Roberto Rodriguez starring Antonia Banderas and Salma Hayek.

Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzman (Season 1) N – Another spinoff for the popular Spanish series.

Power Rangers Dino Fury (Season 1) – The 28th season of Power Rangers joins Netflix.

Rhyme Time Town (Season 2) N – More episodes of the animal animated series for preschoolers from Dreamworks Animation.

Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation (2020) – The third entry in the Rogue Warfare action franchise.

The Ruins (2008) – Fantasy horror.

Unwind Your Mind (2021) N – Interactive special.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) – Family drama starring Johnny Depp as Gilbert Grape, a young man in a small mid-west town struggling to care for his family while trying to find his own happiness.


June 16

Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis (Season 1) N – Short spin-off series of the popular Spanish-language drama Elite.

Penguin Town (Season 1) N – Nature docuseries about a group of endangered Penguins that flock to picturesque South African town

Silver Skates (2020) N – Russian fantasy period drama.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) – In the wake of the events of Endgame, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man returns to school where his class goes on a field trip to Europe, only for Peter to encounter four destructive elementals, and a mysterious new hero Mysterio.

The Hurricane Heist (2018) – Rob Cohen directs this disaster movie about thieves attempting to rob the U.S. Treasury during a cat 5 storm.


June 17

Black Summer (Season 2) N – The prequel to Z-Nation continues with a new round of zombie-filled episodes.

Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel (Season 1) N – Short spin-off series of the popular Spanish-language drama Elite.

Hospital Playlist (Season 2) N – Korean drama.

Katla (Season 1) N – Icelandic series where strange events take place after a volcano eruption.

The Gift (Season 3) N – Turkish fantasy which will see Atiye facing a wrenching dilemma as dark forces attempt to harness Aden’s cosmic powers to bring about destruction.



June 18 

Fatherhood (2021) N – Kevin Hart stars as Matt, a single father raising his daughter after the unexpected death of his wife.

A Family (2021) N – Taken in by the yakuza at a young age, Kenji swears allegiance to his old-school boss, pledging to adhere to the family code amid ever-changing times.

Elite (Season 4) N – Spanish crime-drama centered around the teenagers of a prestigious private school where a clash amongst the working class and the wealthy students leads to murder.

Jagame Thandhiram (2021) N – Tamil and Tegu language crime-comedy centered around a nomadic gangster who finds himself torn between the forces of good and evil while trying to find a place to call home.

The Rational Life (Season 1) N – Chinese drama about a 30-something-year-old professional taking a stand.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (Season 1) N – Reality series looking around the world for the most vacation rentals.



June 19

Booksmart (2019) – Olivia Wilde directs the multi-award-winning comedy.

Nevertheless (Season 1) N – Korean drama.


June 21

Blinded by the Light (2019) – Set in late 1980s Britain, this movie follows an Asian family and one boy’s journey after finding music from Bruce Springsteen.

The Kitchen (2019) – Crime drama starring Elisabeth Moss, Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish.


June 23

Good on Paper (2021) N – Romantic crime-comedy starring Iliza Shlesinger and Rebecca Rittenhouse.

Murder by the Coast (2021) N – Spanish language documentary on the 1999 murder of Rocío Wanninkhof.

The House of Flowers: The Movie (2021) N – Spin-off movie for the Mexican Spanish series.

Too Hot to Handle (Season 2) N – The first batch of episodes of the reality series.


June 24

Sisters on Track (2021) N – Coming-of-age documentary.

The Naked Director (Season 2) N – Japanese comedy-drama centered around the life and career of Toru Muranishi, the porn director that revolutionized the industry in the 1980s.

Godzilla Singular Point (2021) N – Anime series featuring the classic lizard king himself.

June 25

Ray (Season 1) N – Indian anthology series with four short psychological thriller stories.

Sex/Life (Season 1) N – Drama following a love triangle.

The A List (Season 2) N – The first full season of the British teen series.

June 26

Wonder Boy (2021) N – French fashion designer Olivier Roustein makes a remarkable ascent to artistic director of the Balmain brand, as captured in this documentary.



June 27

The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) – Illumination studios sequel continuing the story of Max and his pet friends.


June 28

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement (Season 5) N – Effectively the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins.


June 29

Black Lightning (Season 4) N – The CW’s fourth and final season of the superhero series Black Lightning.

Midsommar (2019) – A24’s widely acclaimed cult horror.

StarBeam (Season 4) N – When villains come out to play, second grader Zoey transforms into StarBeam, a pint-sized superhero, to save the day.


June 30 

America: The Motion Picture (2021) N – A tongue-in-cheek adult animated feature that tells the story of how America won the war of Independence against the British with a chainsaw-wielding George Washington and his beer-loving bro Sam Adams.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork (Season 1) N – Docu-series on the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier



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