Here’s Why ‘Courtside Karen’ Is Trending

Courtside Karen! Special thanks to LeBron James for making this a thing. In case you missed the Lakers game, at one point LeBron got into a war of words with a guy in the stands. When you break down the audio, you can hear LeBron calling the guy an “OLD ROID ASS,” who are “always the worst kind.” His wife, wanting her 15 minutes of fame, stepped in and started yelling at LeBron. She stood up, removed her facemask, yelled some things at Lebron and pointed her finger at him much like the Housewives would. In the end they all got kicked out, and LeBron later tweeted “courtside Karen was maaad.”


And thus, Courtside Karen began to trend. Here is Courtside Karen explaining her side. VS LeBron’s point of view…





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