How Accurate Are Madden Super Bowl Simulations?

The New England Patriots are currently 2.5-point favorites over the Los Angeles Rams ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl.  While no one knows exactly how things are actually going to play out, EA Sports gave it their best shot by simulating the matchup in Madden 19 before releasing a video earlier this week.  If their predictions are to be believed, Jared Goff will best Tom Brady by throwing for over 300 yards and lead the Rams to a 30-27 victory over the Patriots with the aid of four sacks from the horrifyingly muscular Aaron Donald.  However, how much stock should we really put into the prediction?  Here’s how accurate “Madden” Super Bowl simulations are:

Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs. Eagles (Wrong)

Predicted Result: 24-20 Patriots
Actual Result: 41-33 Eagles

Super Bowl LI: Patriots vs. Falcons (Right)

Predicted Result: 27-24 Patriots
Actual Result: 34-28 Patriots

Super Bowl L: Panthers vs. Broncos (Wrong)

Predicted Result: 24-20 Panthers
Actual Result: 24-10 Broncos

Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks (Perfect)

Predicted Result:  Patriots 28, Seahawks 24
Actual Result: 28-24 Patriots

Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks vs. Broncos (Wrong)

Predicted Result: 31-28 Broncos
Actual Result: 43-8 Seahawks

Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens vs. 49ers (Right)

Predicted Result: 27-24 Ravens
Actual Result: 34-31 Ravens

Super Bowl XLVI: Giants vs. Patriots (Right)

Predicted Result: 27-24 Giants
Actual Result: 21-17 Giants

Super Bowl XLV: Steelers vs. Packers (Wrong)

Predicted Result: 24-20 Steelers
Actual Result: 31-25 Packers

Super Bowl XLIV: Colts vs. Saints (Right)

Predicted Result: 35-31 Saints
Actual Result: 31-17 Saints

Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs. Cardinals (Right)

Predicted Result: 28-24 Steelers
Actual Result: 27-23 Steelers

Super Bowl XLII: Patriots vs. Giants (Wrong)

Predicted Result: 38-30 Patriots
Actual Result: 17-14 Giants

Super Bowl XLI: Colts vs. Bears (Right)

Predicted Result: 38-27 Colts
Actual Result: 29-17 Colts

Super Bowl XL: Steelers vs. Seahawks (Right)

Predicted Result: 24-19 Steelers
Actual Result: 21-10 Steelers

Super Bowl XXXIX: Patriots vs. Eagles (Right)

Predicted Result: 47-31 Patriots
Actual Result: 24-21 Patriots

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots vs. Panthers (Right)

Predicted Result: 23-20 Patriots
Actual Result: 32-29 Patriots

Photo Credit: Madden 2019 screenshot via Fandom


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox