The Hydro One Board Members Have Given Themselves A Big Raise

At a time Electricity prices are through the roof in Ontario, this will not be comforting to hear.  The CBC is reporting Hydro One board members have given themselves a $25,000 a year raise.  Part time board members will now make $185,000 a year.  Board chair David Denison will reportedly see his pay jump by $70,000 to $330,000 a year. The board of Hydro One is already under fire for giving it’s top executives a fat pay raise.  The CEO made $6.2 million last year.  If he were to be fired or replaced, he stands to receive a $10 million dollar payout.

PC Leader Doug Ford is vowing to remove the entire board. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s platform includes a promise to return Hydro One back into public hands. Liberal leader Kathleen Wynn defended the privatization as necessary to raise funds to build new infrastructure.

Story credit: CBC News

Photo Credit: Logo – Hydro One


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox