Instagram Will Soon Let You Appeal Posts That Have Been Deleted

Instagram will soon allow users to submit an appeal if they feel their content was taken down in error.   As part of the new appeals process, users will be able to contest the decision to have their post removed and it may be sent to another Instagram employee for further review.   Instagram expects to roll out this feature in the next few months.  “While our reviewers receive extensive training to apply our policies accurately, we understand that we don’t always get it right,” said Bettina Fairman, director of community operations Instagram.  “So, we’ll soon be introducing the ability to request a second review if people think our reviewers have made the wrong decision.”  Users will be able to appeal takedowns of posts, photos and videos.  If Instagram decides to take a second look, their appeal will be handled by a different reviewer from the first person who handled it.  If Instagram finds that it made a mistake, it will restore the post.  For now, users will only be able to appeal posts taken down for violating Instagram’s rules around nudity – one of the most-requested areas among users, according to the firm.   However, Instagram expects to open up appeals for other types of violations soon.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan