Interesting New Fan Theory Suggests Elf Is Actually A Prequel To Step Brothers

What would a Christmas movie night be without the Will Ferrell’s “Elf”?  Although it was released in 2003, fans are still obsessing over the movie which saw Ferrell as a man raised as an elf at the North Pole who is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity.  As such, the fandom have created a number of crazy fan theories about the plot over the years – one of the best being so wonderfully bizarre, it could actually work.

Twitter user @BarstoolTrent thinks he’s spotted a link that connects the comedy classic ‘Step Brothers’ – also starring Ferrell, alongside John C. Reilly.  In a tweet, he wrote: “What if Buddy’s step mom in Elf divorced James Caan, got custody of Buddy, renamed Buddy to Brennan, remarried and that’s Step Brothers?”  It makes sense when you consider that Mary Steenburgen plays Ferrell’s characters’ mom in both films. And, as the theory suggests, Buddy’s other brother from Elf, little Michael, grew up to be helicopter leasing agent Derek (the name change doesn’t fit).  Trent added: “One of the strongest pieces of evidence.  Both Buddy and Brennan are amazing singers and their pipes are proudly displayed in each movie.  It’s mentioned in Step Brothers that Brennan recently worked at PetSmart which means he loved animals…You know who else loves animals?  Buddy the Elf.  Both Buddy and Brennan cannot function as adults.  It’s the main issue in both flicks.  When Buddy’s step mom in Elf asks, ‘How long will you be staying with us?’ Buddy says ‘forever’ and he means it.  Brennan refuses to get a job and refuses to move outta the house because he’s actually Buddy the Elf and wants to live at home forever.  So there you have it. Elf is the prequel to Step Brothers and you cannot convince me that’s not true.”

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox