It’s National Cereal Day – You Won’t Believe What People Are Putting On Their Cereal These Days

Today is Thursday, March 7, 2019. It’s National Cereal Day. Kellogg Canada has released the results of its second annual National Cereal Day Survey which found that 5 percent of Canadians have tried their cereal with fruit juice instead of milk. 6 percent tried cereal with just water. A further 4 percent felt festive and opted to use eggnog. The Kellogg survey also found that cereal creativity takes distinct forms with each province having their own out-of-the-bowl cereal preferences. Check out these statistics:

  • Atlantic Canadians are the biggest cereal eaters with 30 percent enjoying three times per week (title previously held by Manitoba in 2018)
  • 26 percent of Quebecois enjoy syrup on cereal (double the national average!)
  • Ontarians are most likely to choose cereal based on their recipe potential
  • 44 percent of Manitobans are nocturnal cereal eaters
  • Saskatchewanians are most likely to chow down on cereal anytime
  • 42 percent of Albertans are likely to sub in a milk alternative, the most in Canada
  • British Columbians is most likely to maintain a breakfast-only affair with cereal

Canadians are invited to share their creative cereal combinations by using the hashtag #NationalCerealDay on social media.

About National Cereal Day (from the National Day Calendar):

Today is National Cereal Day. Since the end of the 19th century, cereal has become America’s most popular breakfast food.  Do you remember mornings eating a bowl of cereal, reading the back of the box and trying to find the toy inside the box?  Now, not only is cereal eaten for breakfast, it has become a popular bedtime snack, and some people even have a bowl for an evening meal.  Today, have a bowl of your favorite cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox