It’s So Cold In Parts Of The USA That They Have Suspended Mail Delivery And Are Setting Train Tracks On Fire

A deadly arctic deep freeze enveloped the Midwest with record-breaking low temperatures yesterday, prompting the US Postal Service to take the rare step of suspending mail delivery to nine states in the region. “Due to the extreme weather conditions caused by Winter Storm Jaden, we have temporarily suspended delivery service in certain locations to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees,” a tweet from the official USPS account posted late on Tuesday read. USPS said it would suspend mail delivery yesterday in parts or all of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and Michigan, as the National Weather Service forecast plunging temperatures from one of the coldest air masses in years.

More about the cold in America:

At least seven people have died this week amid unbearably frigid temperatures and snowy conditions in the Midwest — including a 9-year-old boy and a man who was hit by a city snowplow.  The bitter polar vortex has caused the mercury to plunge more than 40 degrees below zero in some states, making it extremely dangerous to drive or even go outside.

Hell has quite literally frozen over in Michigan.  A small community in the Midwestern state with the devilish name of Hell felt temperatures drop to 9 below zero yesterday with wind chills as low as 40 below.  The town, about 25 miles Northwest of Ann Arbor, is dealing with the brutal blast of cold air pummeling the area.

Photo Credit: USPS via Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox