Jagmeet Singh Tossed Out Of The Commons After Calling A Bloc MP Racist

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh got tossed from the House yesterday after he called a Bloc Quebecois MP a racist and refused to apologize. Singh was angered when a New Democrat motion on RCMP discrimination failed to get unanimous consent from the Commons. Alain Therrien would not support the motion. The Speaker ordered Singh to leave the House for the rest of the day.

Singh became emotional at a news conference following his ejection yesterday from the House of Commons. He admitted that he was angry following the derailing of a motion to recognize systemic racism in the RCMP after Bloc Quebecois MP Alain Therrien voted No. Singh, the first racialized leader of a federal political party in Canada, called Therrien a racist for blocking the measure. When he refused to apologize, he was ordered out.

Photo Credit: CPAC via YouTube screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan