James Holzhauer Could Breaks Ken Jennings’ Jeopardy Record By Tonight

James Holzhauer has the second-longest winning streak in the history of “Jeopardy!” and seems likely to surpass Ken Jennings’ record for most money won in regular game play tonight.  James attained his 32nd win Friday and scored another runaway victory in which he ended the show with $79,633, bringing his 32-day total to $2,462,216.  That means Holzhauer needs $58,485 to overtake Jennings’ record regular season total of $2,520,700 set in 2004, a feat that took Jennings 74 games to achieve.  James could do it in 33 games.  Odds are good that he can hit the $58,485 mark if he wins tonight because his average winning total on Mondays is $76,728, according to TheJeopardyFan.com.

Photo Credits: Jeopardy via Youtube

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