James Holzhauer Loses On “Jeopardy!”

James Holzhauer lost “Jeopardy!” last night, bringing his epic 32-game run to a close.  A 27-year-old librarian from Chicago, Emma Boettcher, bested Holzhauer.  Holzhauer held an early lead, but Boettcher overtook him during the second half of the game after betting all of the $7,600 she’d earned so far on a Daily Double in a category about capitals that begin with “A.”  Then, after all three contestants answered Final Jeopardy correctly, she toppled Holzhauer with a score of $46,801 to $24,799.  Even Alex Trebek himself was floored: “Oh gosh! What a payday,” said the host.  “What a game! Oh my gosh!”

Photo Credits: Jeopardy! via Twitter

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