Jennifer Lopez And Production Company Sued Over ‘Hustlers’

The woman who was the inspiration behind JLOs character in Hustlers… is now suing JLO and her Production company. Samantha Barbash is a former strip-club hostess. She wants $20 million because she says JLO and company “exploited” her likeness in the film without her permission. Samantha is demanding producers cease release of the film, which came out in September, and turn over all copies and promotional material.

The lawsuit goes on to say that the film went so far as to have J. Lo’s character replicate images of Barbash printed in The Post — including her giving two middle fingers to photographers as she left court.  “Anyone who views the film will believe Plaintiff to be an individual of little to no moral or ethical values, devoid of any loyalty to her colleagues, under the influence of hard drugs, and with misandrist tendencies,” the court papers read. She was sentenced to five months probation in 2017 after copping a guilty plea conspiracy, assault, and grand larceny.



Images: Nuyorican Productions


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