Jewelry Store Owner Buried His Entire Inventory and Is Selling Tickets for a Quest to Find it

Many businesses now have to figure out new ways to reinvent and adapt to survive in the pandemic. This might just be the most fun pivot yet. Johnny Perri owns a jewelry store in Washington Township, Michigan.  When he shut down for the pandemic, it forced him to re-evaluate the entire business. His concept is a modern day treasure hunt. While his business was closed, he used the time to bury his entire inventory. Now he’s launching a “treasure quest” to find each of the stashes of buried gold, diamonds, silver, and more.  People can buy tickets to the quests, and they will receive clues about where the treasure is buried. It will be a race to find each item. The tickets cost $49 per quest, and each treasure is worth about $4,000.  The first one starts on August 1st.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan