Justin Trudeau Threatens To Sue Andrew Sheer – Sheers Says Bring It On

Andrew Scheer has revealed he received a letter March 31st from the prime minister’s lawyer threatening legal action over statements he’s made on SNC Lavalin. The letter from Julian Porter says the Conservative leader’s accusation Justin Trudeau led a campaign of political interference on the criminal prosecution of the Quebec construction company is “highly defamatory.” In a statement, the Prime Minister’s Office indicates Scheer is being put on notice there are consequences for making what it calls, “completely false and libellous statements.” Scheer says he stands by every single criticism he’s made — and he’s challenging the PM to follow through on the lawsuit threat. Scheer calls it “an intimidation tactic” aimed at silencing critics. But he is urging Trudeau to go ahead with it anyway, so the SNC Lavalin scandal can be investigated under oath and in court where the Liberals don’t control the proceedings.

Contains files from The Canadian Press

Photo Credit: Andrew Sheer via Twitter screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan