Kanye West Says He Has Been Trying To Get A Divorce From Kim Kardashian For Over A Year

Kanye was at it again last night. He says he has been trying to divorce Kim Kardashian for a year now. He also claims that Kim got into an ‘entanglement’ with Meek Mill when the two met at a hotel to talk ‘Prison Reform.’ He also once again mentioned Drake, he mentions Michael Jackson’s murder, and says Kris Jenner is “Kris Jong-Un.” He also mentions Larsa [Pippen] and seems to allege that she cut ties with them. That news is interesting, because they have all unfollowed Larsa on Instagram. Rumours say Larsa may have screwed around with Tristan Thompson, and others say they got into a fight over something else. That’s on top of the tweets from the night before. 

Sources close to Kayne West and Kim Kardashian are worried their marriage won’t survive this – but still want to make sure to get him help. It comes after a Monday night online rant, where he talked about Kim doing Playboy and how he was against it. Meanwhile: Dave Chapelle came to visit him yesterday, I assume to check on his well-being. Kanye posted a very awkward video of him trying to get Dave to tell a joke.





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