Kanye West Unleashes Over 50 Tweets Targeting Drake

Kanye West unleashed about 50 tweets targeting Drake after the two apparently had a phone conversation last night.

For those who need a catch-me-up … Drake was unhappy with Kanye for his role in the whole Pusha T situation. (Pusha T outed him as a Dad, and he thought Kanye had something to do with it, since it’s his label. Drake mentions Yeezy’s in a song, and several other small digs at Kanye. After rumours circulated that ‘Kiki’ in Drake’s song In My Feelings could be about Kim Kardashian, Kanye demanded he clear the rumours. Drake would not.  They haven’t been good since.)

Kanye, out of nowhere, published a screenshot of a text he got from Drake asking for clearance to use a sample of Drake’s song “Say What’s Real.” (The song was produced by Kanye in 2009.)

Kanye replied with a series of tweets, a few of which are below:

Kanye also seemed to claim that the kid that ran on stage during Pusha’s show in Toronto last month is in critical condition, and he blames Drake. He seems to believe Drake orchestrated it. 

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox